2017 In-House Retreat

The first weekend in February 2017, Heartland Quilters held their much anticipated third annual in-house quilt retreat. The ladies met at the Playhouse in Steinbach and worked on assorted projects all weekend. The highlight was the reveal of the quilts made for the Quilt Challenge which required quilters to incorporate 20 black and white pinwheels into their quilts.

Here’s what the ladies had to say about the weekend:

“I really liked the hands-on teaching for the quilt as you go pattern. It made me want to try it soon.”

“It was interesting to see how differently everyone incorporated the black and white pinwheels into a quilt.”

“The eleven quilts that were handed in for the Quilt Challenge were absolutely works of art!”

“The friendly atmosphere in the room of all the ladies working on the quilt-as-you-go blocks was so relaxing!”

“Spending time with a group of friends that enjoy doing the same thing that I do, the laughter, the sharing of food…Good times!!”

“I had time to sew, eat, and play. It was relaxing and I looking forward to next year.”

That about sums it up! We had a great time and created more quilts that will go to needy people in the coming year!