2016 In-House Retreat

On February 12th the quilters gathered at the Quilters Playhouse for a 2-day Retreat. Coffee and goodies were on hand to start the day and provide an opportunity for fellowship.

Beautiful quilts adorned the playhouse. These were the quilts entered in the 2016 challenge. The members were again challenged – this time to judge the quilts that had been entered in the challenge! This gave members an idea how difficult an adjudicator’s task can be.

Later, kits were distributed and members had the opportunity to learn to make microwave bowls. The rest of the day was spent working on individual quilting projects.

The next day started again with coffee and socializing before working on more kits. Following a pizza lunch, members worked on individual projects that would soon become quilts to distribute to the organizations we support.

The 2-day retreat provided a relaxing get-together to enjoy the company of like-minded quilters, learn new techniques and skills, and work on a craft we all love.